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Osteoarthritis herbs for dogs - running fun

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Osteoarthritis Herbs for Dogs - Nutrient Booster for the Joints - Proven for Osteoarthritis, HD, ED and Spondylosis

Our herbs are very gentle on the stomach due to their outstanding quality.

Specially designed, proven herbs are used here that specifically regenerate and support the cartilage metabolism. They also promote joint mobility and freedom from pain for an active dog life. The green-lipped mussel with its glucosamine and chondroitin, a component of the joint surfaces (cartilage) and the synovial fluid, is indispensable here. The rose hip is an excellent source of vitamins and has an amazing detoxification function.

When running is fun again - strengthens joints and the musculoskeletal system of dogs

Running fun for dogs is a recipe consisting of herbs and roots that strengthen joint cartilage and are anti-inflammatory. Rich in strong devil's claw which has a beneficial effect on inflammation and the joints and also provides easily digestible and natural vitamins and minerals . Secondary plant substances and amino acids are another important component for maintaining the joint cartilage of our arthrosis herbs.

Building blocks for the increased nutrient requirements in arthrosis

The real algae Ascophyllum nosodum and the green-lipped mussel are multi-talents for strengthening and regenerating the joints. The nettle leaves support the detoxification of the inflamed joints and also provide essential fatty acids and trace elements. Vitamin-rich, pain-relieving willow bark strengthens blood circulation and mobility. The tasty taiga root is an important revitalizing supplier and promotes nerve function in the spinal canal.

The willow bark is considered a herbal pain reliever and stimulates blood circulation and its effect is enhanced by our combination. Our joint active osteoarthritis herbs for dogs consist of plants that stimulate the repair mechanisms of the joint cartilage. So we have a good chance of saying goodbye to arthrosis. With our balanced herbal mixture for the joints of dogs, we have achieved a combination of active ingredients based on many years of experience and expertise that we are very proud of.

Osteoarthritis herbs for dogs Suggestion for use:

  • Helpful with pain
  • Strengthening of the joints and mobility
  • Supports nerve function in the spinal canal
  • Promotes the development of articular cartilage
  • Helpful for osteoarthritis, cauda equina and spondylosis, ED and HD
  • Supports detoxification in inflammation
  • Optimizes the regeneration of articular cartilage
  • Supports joint development in puppies and young dogs

Important to know
Make sure that you don't put too much strain on your dog, as arthrosis will take its toll in old age.

In the case of arthrosis in general or in older dogs that all suffer from arthrosis, it makes sense to feed our arthrosis herbs permanently to give your dog more mobility. The continuous feeding of our running fun throughout the year represents an important building block in the diet of the dog with arthrosis. When feeding our herbs you do not need any additional minerals or trace elements.
Our herbal mixtures consist exclusively of natural herbs that the dog's body can absorb and metabolize best.
With us you get the herbal mixture in very high quality. We store our goods for a very short time, so you get all herbal mixtures very fresh, but this can also mean that one or the other herb can have a few days delivery time and you have to wait a little for your order.


Composition: Sun-dried high-quality herbs,devil's claw , algae Ascophyllum nosodum , pure green-lipped mussel meat, nettle leaves, willow bark , taiga root , rosehip, product content mainly ground

Composition of the long-term dose: sun-dried high-quality herbs, pure green-lipped mussel meat, brown algae, willow bark , silica, ginger, rosehip, product content is ground

  • Rich in micronutrients
  • With highly effective secondary plant substances
  • Quickly available bioactive nutrients
  • Natural vitamin E
  • Secondary plant substances for cell and vascular protection
  • High-quality sun-dried natural herbs of very high quality
  • Minerals, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids for cartilage development from the alga Ascophyllum nosodum
  • Numerous nutrients from the algae such as D3, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, B12, Vit E, etc. Info on all the ingredients


Analytical components: crude fiber 16.4%, crude ash 4.5%, crude protein 11.5%, crude fat 1.8%,


Feeding recommendation daily:
Large dogs over 25 kg: mix 10 - 15 g (1 - 2 tablespoons flat) into the food or sausage
Small dogs from 10 - 25 kg: 5 - 10 g (1/2 - 1 tbsp flat) very small dogs up to 10 kg: 1/2 - 1 tsp

Feeding recommendation daily continuous dose:
Large dogs over 25 kg: Mix 5g - 10g (1/2 - 1 tablespoon flat) into the food or sausage
Small dogs from 10 - 25 kg: 5g (1/2 tablespoon flat) very small dogs up to 10 kg: 1/2 - 1 teaspoon

Daily feeding recommendation for puppies from 16 weeks and young dogs:
Large dogs puppies with final weight over 25 kg: 2g – 3g (1 – 2 teaspoons flat)
Small dogs Puppies with a final weight of around 10 - 25 kg: 1g - 2g (1/2 - 1 teaspoon flat) Very Very small dogs Puppies with a final weight under 10 kg: 0.5g - 1g (1/4 - 1/2 tsp flat)

Feed the herbs twice in the feed or with sausage.
Feed your dog small amounts at first to get him used to the taste.

A course of 8-10 weeks is recommended.

If your dog needs a long-term dose, we recommend feeding the arthrosis herbs 4 to 6 weeks afterwards with our mixture for long-term use.