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Bonalie by bo

individual pull stop collar made of paracord

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color of the fittings

individual pull stop dog collar made of paracord

real handwork in exclusive personalized quality made to measure for your dog - because we love dogs 100%.

Your high-quality hand-braided dog collar for you and your darling is approx. 1.75 cm wide and consists of up to 4 colours. You can put together the colors yourself, but if you only want one color, that's no problem either. Just choose one of the colors. If you want to choose a color twice, please enter it in the 'Remark' field.

The pull stop collar pulls towards the measured neck circumference as soon as the dog pulls on it.
If your dog is loose, the collar will also be loose

Product highlights:

✓ vegan with paracord
✓ individual
✓ Machine washable
✓ high quality fittings
✓ Breaking load up to 250kg


Recommendation measurement neck circumference:

The table with 'up to 30cm', 'up to 40cm' etc. serves as a guideline for the price.

Place the measuring tape where the collar is worn, making sure that 1-2 fingers fit between the neck and the measuring tape. The collar shouldn't be too tight, and your dog shouldn't be able to pull it off over their head on their own. For example, if your sweetheart has a neck circumference of 46 cm, please enter "up to 50 cm" and the exact information again in the text field below

The safety of your dog is very important to us, for this reason our models are not suitable for leash-aggressive dogs.

The gold can lose its luster over time.

The colors in the picture may differ from the original.