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Tendon herbs for dogs - joy of walking

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➠ Strengthens tendons and ligaments


Tendon herbs for dogs – strengthen the tendons and muscles

With our tendon herbs for dogs you have a tendon supply that is second to none.

be here top herbs used the targeted the metabolism and strengthen blood circulation and cell metabolism in the tendons and ligaments. In addition, our tendon herbs stimulate the regeneration of the tendons. The fenugreek seed, which contains bitter substances, and the highly active rosehip have a strengthening effect on the strength of the tendons and the strengthening of the muscle metabolism.

Our special combination of active ingredients can be very helpful in the treatment of leakage.

Important herbs are here too nettle and black cumin which have a beneficial effect on detoxification and blood circulation. In addition, both are traditionally used for inflammation.

Important nutrient for the dogs tendons

collagen fibers are made of collagen, an elongated protein molecule. Several such molecules attach to each other and form a collagen fibril less than a micron in diameter. A collagen fiber consists of a series of parallel collagen fibrils. Collagen fibers are very tear-resistant and flexible, but they do not withstand pressure for long. Therefore, collagen is used in places where the transmission of tensile forces is important - the tendons. The formation of collagen can only run smoothly if sufficient vitamin C (rosehip) is available.
the silica (Silicon) to potentially strengthen the collagen fibers of the connective tissue (tendons) and the fascia of the muscles. The valuable meadowsweet is considered to be an all-rounder for blood circulation. Properly designed, these herbs also arrive reliably at their destination.

Silicon the NON plus ULTRA for strong dogs tendons

That meadowsweet and the willow bark are considered herbal painkillers and stimulate blood circulation and the effect is enhanced by our combination

Tendon herbs for dogs Suggestion for use:

  • Can be helpful for weak tendons
  • Supports muscle building and muscle metabolism
  • Strengthens the tendons and ligaments
  • Also slightly strengthens articular cartilage
  • Promotes mobility
  • Supports the elasticity and regeneration of the tendons

Important to know
Our herbal mixtures consist exclusively of natural herbs that the dog's body can absorb and metabolize best.
Synthetic products or additives, on the other hand, are difficult to absorb and also put a strain on the organs and thus impede their natural function. So if you want an additional feed that really strengthens this system, you can't avoid plant-based herbs.
With us you get the herbal mixture in very high quality, we have been awarded the customer satisfaction seal of Proven Shop.
We store our goods for a very short time, so you get all herbal mixtures very fresh, but this can also mean that one or the other herb can have a few days delivery time and you have to wait a little for your order.

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Composition: Dried herbs, silica (Silicon), rosehip , fenugreek seeds, real black cumin , nettle leaves, meadowsweet, willow bark

The product content is finely and coarsely ground for better consumption.

  • Rich in micronutrients
  • With highly effective secondary plant substances
  • Quickly available bioactive nutrients
  • Natural vitamin E
  • Secondary plant substances for cell and vascular protection
  • minerals, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids

Analytical components: crude fiber 15.4%, crude ash 4.5%, crude protein 10.5%, crude fat 1.8%,


Feeding recommendation:
Large dogs over 20 kg: mix 2 - 8 g daily (1 - 2 tablespoons) into the food or sausage
Small dogs 1 - 5 g daily (1/2 - 1 tbsp), puppies: from 4 - 8 months 1 tsp daily

Feeding recommendation – Duration:

Feed for at least 8 weeks at a time, in the case of severe problems continue to feed with half the dosage as a continuous dose.

Feed your dog small amounts at first to get him used to the taste.

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