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Tick ​​herbs for dogs - tingling free

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➠ Supports the ticks Protection -


Tick ​​herbs for dogs strengthen the Skin protection and defense against ticks, fleas and mites

Nature has provided excellent plants for protection. Conceived on the basis of the active ingredients, including the powerful cistus and peppermint, which are known to ward off ticks. Furthermore, they have a protective function on the skin. Studies show that rockrose is used very effectively against ticks. With our balanced anti-tingling mixture we strengthen the active ingredients for natural protection against ticks, mites and fleas.

The cistus also supports the immune system and steams over the skin and thus strengthens the protection against ticks, mites and fleas.

Finely dosed garlic also develops its effect with the urea through the skin, which keeps ticks and fleas away.

Tick ​​herbs for dogs _ - our special combination of active ingredients is highly proven against ticks and fleas

with the feeding we can change the attractive smell of the dog for the ticks and fleas much less attractive. We all know that one is more attractive to the mosquitoes than the other that has to do with body odor (blood). a weak one Immune system, Disease or acidosis are very attractive to fleas and ticks. You can change that for your dog!

Tick ​​herbs for dogs Suggestion for use:

  • Strengthens protection against ticks, mites and fleas
  • Supports flea, mite and tick defense

Important to know
Our herbal mixtures consist exclusively of natural herbs that the dog's body can absorb and metabolize best. Synthetic products or additives, on the other hand, are difficult to absorb and also put a strain on the organs and thus impede their natural function. So if you want an additional feed that really strengthens this system, you can't avoid plant-based herbs.
With us you get the herbal mixture in very high quality, we have been awarded the customer satisfaction seal of Proven Shop.
We store our goods for a very short time, so you get all herbal mixtures very fresh, but this can also mean that one or the other herb can have a few days delivery time and you have to wait a little for your order.

More under knowledge dog: worms, ticks, fleas


Composition: sun dried herbs, cistus, Rose hip, black cumin, Peppermint, watercress, garlic

Product partly ground means: coarsely and finely ground for better consumption.

Analytical components: Crude fiber 13.2%, crude ash 8.9%, crude protein 15.9%, crude fat 6.5%, water 10.2%,


Feeding recommendation:
Large dogs: Mix 1-5 g daily (1-3 teaspoons) in feed or sausage
Small dogs: 0.5 - 1 g daily (1/2 - 1 tsp)

Feed your dog small amounts at first to get him used to the taste.

The full effect occurs after about 1-2 weeks. A dose throughout the tick season makes sense.

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