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Tick ​​spray for dogs natural - tingling-free

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 Supports the tick protection


Tick ​​spray for dogs - to repel ticks and fleas

Our spray against ticks and fleas was created due to the good effectiveness of our tick herbs for dogs Tingling-free - in combination your dog can say goodbye to ticks and fleas.
With our tick spray, we can make the dog's attractive smell significantly less attractive for ticks and fleas. With the additional feeding of our tick herbs we achieve the same effect. a weak one Immune system, Disease or acidosis are very attractive to fleas and ticks. You can change that for your dog!

Tick ​​spray and tick herbs for dogs - an unbeatable team

We also rely exclusively on the power of nature for our tick spray, because who wants to spray their dog with chemicals.
Also for this we have almost the same excellent Herbs connected to each other as in our ticks herbs for dogs

Tick ​​spray for dogs Suggestion for use:

  • Strengthens protection against ticks, mites and fleas
  • Supports a strong flea and tick defense

Important to know
Our basic brew for the tick spray matures for about 5 months over the winter. In our experience, this is necessary in order to develop the full effectiveness of the ingredients in the brew. With us you get the tick spray as well as all herbal mixtures in very high quality.
We store our goods for a very short time, so you get all herbal mixtures very fresh, but this can also mean that one or the other herb can have a few days delivery time and you have to wait a little for your order.

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Composition: herbal extract from cistus, rosemary, garlic, natural essential oils: clove, lavender

Tick ​​spray for dogs - strong help from nature is absolutely natural and can reliably help for several hours


Application: Spray the fur sparingly at a distance of 20-30 cm. The fur should be misted by spraying, do not spray wet. For the dog's head, you can spray a little on your hands and then rub it onto the fur.

DANGER do not spray on mucous membranes, nose, near eyes, genitals and anus as the essential oils irritate these areas. Also do not spray reddened or damaged skin.

Since our spray is purely natural, you should spray again after 1 - 2 hours.

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